Medilog is a pharmaceuticals warehouse (MEDical LOGistics private company) with a state license protocol code ΔΔΥΚΜ/Φ.37Ατ./191814(1798), is also member of the Hellenic pharmaceutical warehouses association

The company Medilog operates with respect of the wider and special legislation framework that applies to its business object.

Medilog is organized with modern standards and technology in order to receive immediately the customer orders and notes and deliver in the minimum time.

The checks and inspections (particularly in the very sensitive sector of the pharmaceuticals) are made in multiple levels, to avoid mistakes that affect the quality of the products or the legal transaction.

For these reasons we pay attention on the quality of our staff, both in the initial selection and to further their development (which includes monitoring, evaluation and training).
The structure and operation of the company are reflected in written procedures and records available to the responsible authorities.